A Black Box and Outfit for the Day

I went to pick up the little something that I purchased last week during a promotional event from Neiman Marcus and decided to wear one of the sundresses that I have. The main piece for the outfit was the dress and the rest just came along as I dressed up to head out.

Dress: Esprit
Blazer: ZARA
Skinny belt: H&M
Shoes: Banana Republic (Ebay find!)
Bag: Marc Jacobs Little Stam in Milk
Necklace: H&M and white gold necklace with star pendant
Bracelet: Forever 21 (the necklace that broke as mentioned in my previous post)
Pin: Thrifted as posted here

Curious to know what I picked up from the promotional event at Neiman’s? Its a black box!


That’s all I am posting for now. HAH! Yes, the frugalista in me splurged and indulged myself with a Chanel and I am totally doing this on purpose to keep you in suspense! Teehee.


2 thoughts on “A Black Box and Outfit for the Day

  1. Mel

    very cute outfit as always, love the fit of the blazer on you – i'm dying to know what is in the black box, it is my dream to own something Chanel!!! when are you going to tell us???? Mel

  2. weN

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, Mel. 🙂 I'll probably put a post up on the contents of the black box when the time is "right." Hah! Cryptic, I know. 😛


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