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Review: Michael Kors Mini Runway Watch in Gold

Since I have owned this Mini Runway (MK5384) watch for a little over a year, I think it’s time to write a review on it. This watch was a Xmas gift from G from 2011. I have had my eye on it for a good couple of months but was waiting for deals before pulling the trigger on it. For the most part, the best deal I could find on it was 20% off (retail is $250) and I decided to wait until after Xmas to purchase it thinking I would be able to get a better deal then. Well, I definitely didn’t have to wait till after since G travels to his parents’ for Xmas vacation and gave me my gift early. 😉

Michael Kors Mini Runway Watch MK5384

Michael Kors Mini Runway MK5384

Michael Kors Mini Runway MK5384Michael Kors Mini Runway Watch in Gold

I love the chronograph look of the Mini Runway and one of the main reasons that I picked gold over silver and rose gold was to have a watch to match my gold accessories. My only other watch at that time was a silver Swatch, a birthday gift from my high school friends. (Yes, most of my watches are gifts.) For me, the Mini Runway’s 33mm diameter was a better fit for my tiny wrist in comparison to the Runway, that has a diameter of 38mm. The watch has substantial weight to it and is pretty well made for the most part. Up till this part, I’d give the watch a 5-stars. However….

As I did not purchase the Mini Runway to be fully utilized as a chronograph watch, I did not use the  functions. I finally tested the functions months later when G played with his chronograph watch (which I bought for him as his birthday gift) and decided to try mine. Lo and behold, the stopwatch does not automatically return to 12 upon reset. (In the pics above, it’s at 12 because I carefully hit the stop button for the hand to be at 12) While it isn’t a major defect, it is still one nonetheless and I decided to take it back to the store to try and exchange for a new one since it was still under warranty. This is where I experienced anguish with customer service from the sales associates at Michael Kors.

G had bought the Mini Runway watch from the Michael Kors at Tyson’s Corner and we explained the defect to the sales associate at the store. Upon realizing that we were trying to get an exchange and not make a purchase, the sales associate didn’t seem to keen to help us and just told us that the watch had to be returned to the factory for repairs since it was still under warranty. I was personally miffed with the sales associate’s attitude and disappointed that I would have to part with my watch when it was a defect all along. I have never dropped the watch and there’s barely any scratches on it as I take pride in taking good care of my belongings. G suggested that we try another Michael Kor’s store, and so we did, the store at Tyson’s Galleria and it was deja-vu. Worse still, the initial sales associate that we approached just passed us off to another associate because she wasn’t keen on helping us for a watch repair issue! With that, we left the store and I felt cheated even though the watch was a gift and I didn’t have to pay a dime. Michael Kors’ watches aren’t exactly chump change and yet after service for their product is non-existent. This means in order to have the issue fixed, I have to mail the watch back to their factory on my own dime and not be able to wear it for some time. This has certainly put me off from wanting more of his watches. In short, while I love the designs of some of the newer watches, I do not foresee myself owning any more of his watches thanks to the lackluster after service.

Does anyone have a similar experience with Michael Kors or perhaps a different brand/retailer? Kindly share.

Fauxionable Outfit – What to Wear Where: Outfits for a Fresh Start

Happy New Year! For this rendition of What to Wear Where, I incorporated this mint H&M dress into my new year outfit for a fresh start to 2013. Mint = refreshing, no?

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Fresh Start mint, teal, green, gray

  • Dress: H&M S/S 2012
  • Vest: Gifted from my sis (also here and here)
  • Belt: H&M F/W 2012
  • Coat: Uniqlo Blanket Wool Duffle Coat F/W 2011 (similar)
  • Tights: ZARA Wool Blend F/W 2010
  • Boots: Ann Taylor Betty Riding Boots F/W 2011
  • Clutch: Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Flat Case S/S 2008
  • Ring: Cartier Trinity Ring
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Fresh Start Marc Jacobs Palais Royal Flat Case Michael Kors MK5384 Mini Runway

To view the other outfits for the new year, check out Forever29.This year, sartorial wise I resolve to decrease the cost per wear of my garments and stay focused on purchasing classics. I have them pinned on Pinterest here. (Yes, I finally joined Pinterest! Better late than never, right?)

Well, dear readers, may 2013 be everything you wished for & more! What are some of your 2013 resolutions? Kindly share!

p/s: I have something planned for the blog scheduled to happen soon. (fingers crossed!) Stay tuned!

Fauxionable Outfit – What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving

Resuming from a short break, this week’s rendition of What to Wear Where is the Thanksgiving outfit. If you can’t already tell, I quite enjoy this series of W2WW link ups. I was almost a little sad when there was no schedule or announcement of the next link up and tweeted Melissa of I Pick Pretty about it! To my relief, it was going on a short hiatus and not gone forever. Phew. 😛

Enough rambling and here’s an outfit that I would wear for Thanksgiving… (and for more outfits, head to Amy of Forever29‘s blog)

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving

Fauxionable Outfit - What to Wear Where: Thanksgiving Accessories

In the recent years, I have been wearing sweater dresses to Thanksgiving dinner when invited but I think I will switch things up a little this year and wear something brighter i.e. the jacquard H&M dress that is worn as a skirt. The colors also match beautifully with the Adia Kibur sample stone bib necklace courtesy of their PR team.

What will you be wearing for Thanksgiving this year? Do share!

Fauxionable Outfit – Flyaway Friday!

Today was slightly warmer than the past couple of days, so here’s an outfit post where I’m not all bundled up, and just wanna hide under the covers!

Fauxionable Outfit - Flyaway Friday

Fauxionable Outfit - Flyaway Friday!

I centered this outfit around the teal wool cape-like vest sweater that my sister bought for me. (Cape = fly, thus the title of my post, get it?) My lovely sister has a habit of buying clothes for me and she gave this to me during her visit recently. (The last time I went home, she had a stack of clothes that she bought just for me from all her travels. Do I have the best sister or what?!)

While I might not have purchased this for myself (I tend to shy-away from trends), I enjoy pairing it with what I have and have paired it with multiple outfits in the past week! I love the buckle on the neck which lends an equestrian style to it and teal compliments my skin tone well. This has quickly become a favorite item for me this Fall (which feels very much like Winter already!) and I foresee myself wearing it a lot!

Do you have any cape-like garments in your wardrobe? How do you style them?

In any case, Happy Friday!

Fauxionable Outfit – Ruffles & Khaki

It’s a Summer day in Fall, so I’m seizing the opportunity to wear my summer clothes sans layering!

Fauxionable Outfit - Ruffles & Khaki

Happy Friday!

Fauxionable Outfit – What to Wear Where: Girls’ Night Out

I decided to partake in Forever 29 & I Pick Pretty‘s What to Wear Where challenge for this week: Girls’ Night Out. Here’s my rendition…

Fauxionable Outfit - Girls' Night Out Cut-out Back Dress Pleated Skirt, Statement Necklace, white, black, gold

Adia Kibur Black Stone Bib Statement Necklace, Michael Kors MK5384, Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain WOC, black, gold, accessories

  • Dress: H&M 2011
  • Shoes: Cole Haan Violet Air Oxford F/W 2010
  • Bag: Chanel Reissue Wallet on Chain F/W 2009
  • Necklace: c/o Adia Kibur PR (available here)
  • Watch: Michael Kors MK 5384

I had previously blogged about loving the Adia Kibur stone bib necklace but couldn’t justify the price and bought the H&M version in lieu of it. I was pleasantly surprised when their PR contacted me to ask for my details to send me one! Thank you, Joseph of Adia Kibur PR! (I will write a proper blog post about that soon!)

I would also like to take a moment to send my thoughts and prayers to all those personally affected by the 9-11 tragedy.